Euro Championship Game

The interns gathered in the Visitors’ Center theater to watch the final of the European Championship at the Olympic Training Center.

I’m always up for a good football game. And, thankfully, living at the OTC, we’re never short of sports conversations. Ever. So for the past month, it’s been incredible to watch the Euros with all our friends. I couldn’t even count how many matches we’ve seen, how many amazing goals we’ve talked about, and how many times I’ve complained about Mario Balotelli.

For the final match, we all walked down the Olympic Path after the OTC’s famous brunch to the Visitors’ Center, and despite the numerous tour groups walking around on a busy Sunday, we had the theater all to ourselves to watch the game. The first part of a tour at the Olympic Training Center is a video montage of Olympic moments from the past two Games, Vancouver and Beijing. I’ve seen it twice now, and it’s an incredible feeling…and usually makes me tear up. But today, was something totally different, and just as awesome!

We’ve all been so invested in the tournament and so we were really excited to see the game on the big screen. The weirdest thing I’ve ever watched in a movie theater was the Super Bowl a few years back, so this was definitely up there, too! As an avid Les Bleus fan, I’m still quite bitter from the 2006 World Cup, so I was cheering for Spain, but, more than anything, just wanted a good game. Connor and I posted stories to the Team USA website, Kelly nodded off, Brett checked on the MLB All-Star game selections, and Jimmy kept me posted on the Cole Hamels trade rumors. Bri, Todd, Calli, and Courtnee were just completely focused on the game. We were all a little disappointed by Spain’s 4-nil rout of the Italians, but we still had lots of fun, and now we’re just trying to convince them to let us watch Olympic Trials in there!


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