Fifth-Time 5K-ers

Connor captured this panorama of a double rainbow from our building after we completed our fifth Jack Quinn’s 5K this afternoon.

Drought. Excessive heat. Wildfires. Smoke. Thunder. Lightning. Torrential downpours. We’ve run through it all, now.

As Connor and I walked to the car to drop off our backpacks before signing in at Jack Quinn’s, we felt the cool wind and the first drops of rain. I threw my iPhone back into the car, knowing we were about to get down-poured on. We were the only two runners from our group today, and therefore, the only two to witness the crazy weather during the run. We signed in, and got the awesome message on the screen that we’d each completed five runs–halfway to our Jack Quinn’s Running Club t-shirts! We’re the only two in our group to have completed a run each week since we moved here, and I’m pretty proud of that, considering it takes a lot for me to get running that consistently.

The rain began to fall steadily and when the flash of lightning and booming thunder hit, I knew to speed it up. By the time we met back at the car, we were both absolutely soaked. I was so glad I didn’t bring my phone with me, no matter how badly I wanted my music during the run. We didn’t run into too many people on the course, and between this week’s downpours and last week’s wildfire, it’s been pretty quiet around the bar.

We came home, showered, went to dinner, and saw the most incredible rainbow afterwards, as the storm was clearing. While my camera couldn’t quite capture its magic, Connor was able to get an incredible panorama with his iPhone. We’ve run through all types of weather now, and I know coming back to Philly, I’ll be able to run those Rocky steps faster than ever this semester! Maybe I’ll even consider running through the inevitable Nor’easters we’re bound to get!


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