Nothing Goes Better With (Anything, Really) Than a Tastykake

The famfam mailed Tastykakes from home, and I loved getting to share the Philly treats with my friends! Connor even got to try his first Kandy Kakes and Krimpets today!

My mom had been texting me, asking if I’d received a package yet or not, saying it was fragile. Cryptic. So I grab the mailbox key, and turn to Connor.

“Maybe it’s an iPod!”

“Doubt it,” he said, shooting me a look. “It’s probably cookies or something.”

“Maybe it’s Tastykakes!”

As I opened the mailbox door, much to my surprise, the familiar blue, white, and yellow Tastykake logo stared back at me. I nearly sprinted up the flight of stairs, back to our cubicles, where Connor was amused that he called the contents of the package. We quickly ripped open the box and I was giddy with excitement.

Look. If you’re not from Philly, you don’t understand. It’s Tastykakes. It’s a big deal.

In Philly, we have a dessert company called Tastykakes, and they’re pretty much the best treats you’ve ever had. We’ve got Butterscotch Krimpets and Kandy Kakes and Koffee Kakes and Chocolate Juniors and everything under the sun. And they’re delicious. And they’re everything you could ever want in a treat. So to bust open a box of Tastykakes was a little piece of home in Colorado.

Connor had vaguely recognized Tastykakes from their apparently expanding market into the South, including Georgia, but had never tried one. After trying Butterscotch Krimpets and Kandy Kakes, even he couldn’t deny how delicious it was. At lunch, I ran home and threw them in the freezer, ready to eat them the traditional way.

I was so excited to be able to share a piece of home with my friends here at the OTC. When I lived in England, one of the happiest days was getting a Thanksgiving Tastykake apple pie, airmailed straight from home. I claim a lot of ties to a lot of different places, but Tastykake is one of those things that will always tie me to Philadelphia. It’s just comfort food from home.

I’m pretty sure I was the happiest girl in the world today, carrying around that blue and yellow box.

Thanks, Nunny, Diddy, Meghbn, Jeremy, and Herbert Muffin! Yous da best!


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