Happy Fourth of July from Colorado

Connor, me, Dom, and the rest of our group had so much fun driving up to Denver last night for the Fourth of July fireworks at Mile High Stadium.

I’m a nerd. I love the Fourth of July. I wake up every July 4th and read the Declaration of Independence. I know. I get it. I’m crazy. I’ve been told. But the Fourth is one of my favorite holidays.

This year, I knew the Fourth was going to be different. I spent last Fourth on the Parkway, swooning to Boyz II Men, and had the most amazing time. This year, our plans were a little more fluid with the fireworks bans across the state. We slept in on the Fourth and then made our way to the OTC’s annual Fourth cookout on the patio of the Athletes’ Center.

Upon coming back, the interns decided on a day-of, spontaneous road trip to Denver and Mile High Stadium for one of the only sanctioned fireworks shows in the state. After chowing on burgers, brats, and dogs, Connor, Dom, and I made our way to the pool to cool off. The pool was a frigid 74 degrees, and much to my dismay, quite unseasonable. Around six, we made our way in two cars up to the Mile High City, to which I had never been. I was quite excited driving up I-25 to see the lights of Mile High and the skyline in the background.

We were all a little nervous driving to Denver. With the state-wide ban on fireworks because of the numerous wildfires, most displays had been cancelled, including all in Colorado Springs. We had looked up shows in Denver, and most of them were cancelled, save for two right inside the city at Mile High and the amusement park next door, but with the situation changing every day, we weren’t sure if they’d go off, either.

Connor and Dom found a parking lot at the Pepsi Center, where the Avalanche and Nuggets play, once we arrived in Denver, right across from the stadium for us to watch the show. We threw around the football and hung out, of course being hounded by my paparazzi-like obsession with taking pictures. The fireworks finally started around ten, and while the Six Flags park next door might have outshone Mile High’s fireworks show, but we still had a blast and an awesome Fourth of July, changing our attention from Mile High’s display on our left to Six Flags’ display on our right.

I was quite skeptical, I’ll admit. I don’t do spontaneous. I don’t do unplanned. But this was perfect, relaxing, and filled with laughter–my favorite kind of day. As we watched the sunset, sitting on top of the Land Rover, the boys throwing the football, everyone smiling and laughing, and my camera snapping away, it was near perfect. It was an absolutely wonderful Fourth of July.


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