Sixth-Time 5K-ers

Me, Jordan, Connor, and Courtney ran our sixth Jack Quinn’s 5K this afternoon and were then able to watch the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo Parade on Tejon Street.

With the Games quickly approaching, our 5Ks at Jack Quinn’s are quickly stacking up. At this point, I thought blogging about a 5K each week would become mundane as I bragged the world about my own perceived athletic prowess. And while that’s very much the point of these blogs, each one has been a unique experience. Today, Tejon Street threw us another curveball.

I met Connor, Jordan, and Courtney outside USOC Headquarters, bopping to Beyonce’s “Love on Top.” And while Courtney and Jordan were loving my awful dance moves, Connor most definitely was not. They had signed me in for our sixth 5K on the second floor of the bar, and set off on our run. Connor and Jordan sprinted off, per usual, and after about a mile and a half, Courtney and I slowed up to catch up on what she’d missed while on a business trip with USA Volleyball to Ohio, and I heard all about her time back East.

When we met the boys back at the bar, we were in for a surprise, as the streets were closed off and packed with people, all lining the streets for the annual Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo that starts tomorrow. Cowboys, horses, covered wagons, bands, and cheerleaders paraded through the streets just as most runners were finishing up, which made for a chaotic scene. It was definitely entertaining to watch the bar runners sprint across the path between the horses to get back to the bar.

It was definitely an interesting way to finish up our sixth 5K! Who knows now what our seventh 5K will hold!


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