July 11th: Free Slurpee Day

It was a very happy 7-Eleven Day, indeed!

There’s no use in denying it. With this blog, everything’s well-documented. So I’ll be perfectly honest. One of my biggest worries before I moved to Colorado was that there would be no 7-Elevens in the Centennial State. I fully planned on filling up on Slurpees before I left Pennsylvania on Memorial Day Weekend.

Not to worry, folks. Colorado has 7-Eleven.

And while my friends may tease me for the Northeast’s nickname for the convenience store, only one thing mattered: I could go to Sev on July 11th and get my free Slurpee. Yes, this is a very big deal.

So today at 3:30pm, Phil, my cubicle neighbor, grabbed me and Jon and we walked two blocks north to the nearest Sev. I grabbed my usual cherry Slurpee and much to my delight, slurped the whole thing down awfully fast before returning to work.

It was definitely a perk to my day and I was just thankful there were 7-Elevens for me to go to! And here, I was all worried that Sevs were a Northeastern thing…


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