Custard at Culver’s

My first time at Culver’s wasn’t complete until I tried my first Culver’s custard tonight!

When Connor came into the Athlete’s Lounge last night for our impromptu ESPYs viewing party with a big blue bag of fast food, the first words out of my mouth were, “Is that Chick-fil-A?” The answer was a vehement no. Instead, he said that he had gotten Culver’s.

Culver’s? I’d never heard of Culver’s. As Connor explained, it’s a famous fast food chain in Wisconsin that he loves and was so excited to find in the Springs. He ate his butterburger and crinkle fries, and was resolved that I’d one day be educated on Culver’s.

It definitely didn’t take long. At work this morning, we were brainstorming things to do tonight, the two of us in our cubicles, and our other two friends, Courtney and Dom, over email. Like a lightbulb, Connor exclaims that we should go to Culver’s. Plans quickly fell into place and at 6pm, we were in the car, racing towards the OTC to pick up Dom and meet Courtney at the Culver’s on Academy.

We sat down, chowing on butterburgers and crinkle fries, laughing about our days at work and our plans for the upcoming weekend. When we went back for custard, we found a seat in front of the television to watch Team USA’s basketball team face off against the Dominican Republic. I tried chocolate custard, and absolutely fell in love with it. I don’t really do fast food, but Culver’s was delicious.

The four of us had so much fun sitting there, eating our Culver’s, relaxing after a long day of work. I was skeptical last night, but they definitely changed my mind today! I wouldn’t mind going back sometime soon! We definitely don’t have anything like this in Philly!

Go figure, guys!


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