You Can Take the Girl Outta Philly…

Such great friends, Courtney, Connor, Jimmy, and Dom put up with my crazy Philly sports side at the Phillies-Rockies game in Denver on Saturday night.

…But you most certainly can’t take the Philly outta the girl.

When it comes to sports, I’ve got a big mouth. I love my teams, and I’m not afraid to say so. This isn’t anything new, and it won’t come as any surprise. I know what I’m talking about. And in Philadelphia, at Citizens Bank Park, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a big mouth. In fact, if you don’t have a big mouth, we know you’re not from Philly. As soon as I found out I would be moving to Colorado, one of the first things I did was cross my schedule with the Phillies schedule. And, of course, I saw that this weekend series with the Rockies wasn’t during the Games, and that’s all I cared about. I would find a way to get to that ballgame.

Miraculously, I was somehow able to convince the interns to have a group outing to Denver for the ballgame, and Saturday afternoon, I found myself leaning up against the railing on the third base side, watching my phavorite Phils take batting practice. It felt like being home…except that this time, I was in a purple and black ballpark, instead of my familiar red, white, and blue, as I took my seat in left field.

I was nervous. I’d talked a lot of trash on this game. The Phils are only playing an embarrassing .420 ball, but with the Rockies at .380, I figured we had a shot. I needed to win this ballgame.

In the first inning, Carlos Ruiz hit a homer to center field, to which, I, one of two Phils phans in our section, started jumping up and down and cheering, so excited. Seconds later, Connor, Jimmy, and Dom walked in, laughing that they found their seats so fast because of the crazy girl in the red jersey jumping up and down.

I was so excited to see my hometown Phils, and while I cheered for nearly every batter and every play, that’s just how Phillies phans are. Connor was excited to get to a Rockies game to see Dexter Fowler, who graduated from his high school in Georgia, and even retweeted him after the game! It was a blast to watch a ballgame with my friends, and I even had a connection with the guy in the Phillies jersey behind me; he was a Temple grad! Owls are everywhere!

Coors Field was a great place to watch a ballgame and we had perfect weather for it, too. I warned my friends that my Philly side was going to come out, and it certainly did, but it best part was just sharing another piece of home with my friends. Just to sit in the stands and watch a ballgame, that’s one of my favorite things to do, so I was really excited to share that with my friends.

And after all the trash-talking, the Phils won, so I live another baseball day.


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