Dude Perfect at the Olympic Training Center

One of the first times I met Connor, I heard the infamous story of his trick shots while playing basketball for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. His most famous one, featured on ESPN, was of him getting tackled by Charles Barkley as the finale to his trick shot series. So when we were told at a Digital Media meeting that Dude Perfect, the YouTube trick shot sensations, were coming to film at the OTC, it was no surprise that Connor wanted in on the shoot.

A few weeks ago, Dude Perfect came to the OTC to shoot trick shots all over. Connor and Dom worked diligently to get the right shots and have a blast while doing it. My favorite was most definitely shooting from the top of the Cauldron to the Olympic Walk below. Connor, Terris, and I got to help rebound balls, which made me feel like I was in high school again, and I loved it. The behind-the-scenes of the shoot was awesome, because all you see on YouTube are these few-seconds-long videos of made shots. We probably did about ninety shots to get the one from the Torch, but it was so rewarding when it finally did go in!

Jimmy Moody and Andras Horanyi, two Team USA fencers Connor and I first met at Olympic Day, schooled the DP guys in strength and conditioning, shooter Brian Burrows helped the boys shoot through the Rings, Josh Dixon helped the boys vault and use the bars in gymnastics, Paralympic swimmer Elizabeth Stone gave the guys a fight in wheelchair basketball, and modern pentathlete Dennis Bowsher taught the boys fencing and shooting.

Connor and Dom worked diligently in the editing room for the past few weeks, while Dude Perfect was doing the same. Today, finally, after weeks of being kept in the dark by the two of them, the videos both launched. I was so excited to see them, and watching everything I’d been there for was incredible! Plus, I got to see myself in a few shots taking some of my 741 pictures from the weekend! Connor, Dom, and the DP guys did a great job, and Team USA’s YouTube channel just got a lot more, well, perfect!

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