17 Hours, 56 Minutes, 20 Seconds

The countdown clock reads one day here in the Springs. Tomorrow’s festivities cannot come fast enough.

I wasn’t going to blog until tomorrow. I wasn’t, I swear. But then I was walking home along the Olympic Path. And there it was. The clock I’ve looked at every day since I moved in on June 2nd. And finally, the moment I’ve been so looking forward to is almost here. Tomorrow, that clock will read zero. And the Games will begin.

And just like that, I had to take a picture.

Living at the Olympic Training Center in the lead-up to the Games has been incredible. We’ve made friends with the people who wear Team USA across their chests and go compete for our country. We’ve got to wish them good luck in person. We see visitors every day, by the hundreds, flock to the OTC, wanting to see this piece of our country’s pride. They call us “the team behind the team,” and we are.

Every day, you feel like a part of this movement, which is awesome. We have our Team USA gear laid out, coordinated, ready for tomorrow’s Opening Ceremony. The team behind the team is ready.

A few months ago, when I was living in England, I was exceptionally excited about the Games. My friends, Westers and Clazza, had gotten tickets and I was jealous. Don’t get me wrong, I still am. But as awesome as it would be to be a spectator at the Games, it’s still pretty awesome to be behind a team, and to be, in some ways, a part of their success. It’s a proud feeling wearing my Team USA gear around.

We’ve got big plans for tomorrow to celebrate the first day of the Games, and I can’t wait. When that cauldron in London is lit, it’s going to be one of the most magical moments I could imagine. My friends are all across the world, but the whole world’s going to be watching that television screen at that one moment. And magical might not even begin to describe that feeling.


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