Sometimes You Gotta Have a Little Fun

All the OTC staff have been trying to brighten up our days, and the dining hall staff even made us fruit and veggie snowmen!

Yeah, I know they’re called “the Games,” but, honestly, they’re not all fun and Games. The Games are stressful, chaotic, and awesome, and so, sometimes, you’ve got to take a break and have a little fun.

So we’ve been sure to do just that.

It’s been a little bit of everything, late-night trips to Culver’s, Jack Quinn’s 5ks, movie nights to get away from the Games, midnight walks to the Cauldron,  goofy employee videos, and laughs from the OTC staff have all been part of our agenda. And while I’m the sucker who falls asleep the second I sit down on the leather couches in the Athletes’ Lounge, it’s all been so much fun.

The staff at the dining hall at the OTC couldn’t be more fabulous. Every meal for the past 14 days has been from a take-out box. And every time, they’re standing there, asking me how my day’s been and how the website is, giving me a smile, and making me laugh with their Pac-men and snowmen made out of fruits and veggies, not to mention put some much-needed food in my grouchy stomach.

When Anthony Davis walked out as a starter for Team USA last week and had to be sent back to the bench for forgetting his jersey, Connor took the opportunity to set up his new camera and play around, interviewing Dom, who pretended to be a very forgetful Davis. To keep the spirits of the USOC employees in the Springs high, and give our coworkers in London a good laugh, a few employees, including myself, Connor, and Jon, filmed a video, mocking the long-awaited gym we’re supposed to build at headquarters. If this video ever makes it to the internet, here’s my statement for the record: it was a child’s treadmill, and it was impossible to run on.

Sometimes, though, it’s just relaxing after a long day of work that I love the best. On a Friday night, we’ll typically settle in, watch a few episodes of the Newsroom or How to Make It in America. But with the Games, it’s been a little too busy. So instead, we settled for Culver’s and a movie, one of Connor’s favorite documentaries, Gunnin’ for that #1 Spot. Filming now-NBA stars as high schoolers playing in Rucker Park in New York, it was a really good capsule of these talented kids. I only wish I saw the end of it. While the boys were able to finish it, I had fallen asleep, out cold, in the comfy armchair. That’s what the Games have done to me.

The Games are awesome, and I love capturing every minute of every day, but sometimes you just gotta have some fun.

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