The London Games: Week 1

Deciding to make Errol Spence the background of our Team USA app was a last minute decision that paid off, as Errol’s loss was overturned and he advanced to the boxing tournament’s elite eight.

As Connor and I were sitting in Dom’s room last night, watching the primetime coverage of the Games after a long day of work, Dom looked at us, paused, and then said, “Guys, we’re going to look back on these Games, and it’s going to be special. We’ll always remember these Games.”

He’s right. These Games have been the most fun, most intense, most chaotic I could have ever imagined. But watching Team USA every day, in every event, knowing that we’re working on the back-end of that team, it’s special. I’ll always remember these Games.

It’s certainly been draining. I work from 7am until around 7pm, 7 days a week, and I watch the Games from the minute I wake up, until the minute I fall asleep. In the dining hall, every television is turned to a different sport, and everyone is peeking out from whatever they’re doing to catch the action. Walking down the halls of Building 87, you’ll never miss a moment; you’ll hear NBC on in every room, the entire length of the hall.

One of my favorite parts of the Games so far is seeing everything, and I mean everything, as it happens in England. Connor and I have taken over the Squaw Valley conference room at headquarters, using the flat screen television to split screen two and even three events at a time, plus do our work on our laptops. And I thought two monitors was the best way to watch. We’ve seen all of Michael Phelps‘ swims, every basketball game, boxing match, track heat, soccer match, judo fight, tennis set, and everything in between. And then we watch it all again, every night, in primetime off the East Coast feed. To say we’re on top of these Games would be an understatement. We can rattle off stats, wins, losses, medals, trivia, anything related to the Games. We’re London 2012 experts.

One of our proudest moments in Digital Media was by pure happenstance. Connor, Dom, and I have religiously watched the USA Boxing matches, after Connor did a shoot with Rau’shee Warren and Errol Spence. When Errol controversially lost in the round of 16, we were pretty upset, and Connor learned hours later that USA Boxing had appealed and the decision was overturned, and Errol would be back in. We immediately set to breaking the story on our website, which we were pretty excited about. Earlier in the day, I had to choose which athlete would be the big story of the day to make that athlete the background of our Team USA app. I chose Errol Spence, hoping that with a win under his belt, he’d be a big story. Little did I know, he would end up being one of the most talked-about athletes that day, and it was a proud, albeit lucky, moment.

The Games have been stressful, tiring, and chaotic, but mostly, it makes me proud to know that I’m part of the team behind Team USA. And it’s flying by. Go Team USA!


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