All He Saw Was Gold

The USOC had a cake for us with the gold medal and USOC logo to cheer on Team USA as Closing Ceremony quickly approaches, right before Jordan Burroughs’ gold medal match.

My first day at the Olympic Training Center was a crazy one. I flew in from Philadelphia, landed in the Springs, got the keys to my room, and unpacked precisely one out of two suitcases before getting a call. There was a video shoot happening on complex with an athlete, did I want in? It was my first day. I was tired, I was jet-lagged, but I wanted to see what this job was all about. So I went.

In the pouring rain, with vague directions to the wrestling room, I walked into a hot gym, and saw a video crew setting up and a tall guy leaning against a stationary bike, I’d soon find out was named Connor. And then walked in the first Olympian I’d ever meet, Jordan Burroughs. I had no idea that this kid was our gold medal hope in wrestling. He was shorter than I was, kind, welcoming, and a great conversationalist when it came to Philly sports. And by the end of the day, he was following both Connor and I on Twitter.

And day after day, on shoot or off, Jordan was a friendly face to wave to, to chat with, to joke with, every day. And when he went to London, we were excited to cheer on a friend. And today, we got to do just that. For months now, Jordan’s been on Twitter, documenting his journey under the handle AllISeeIsGold, a testament to his will to win.

He won one match this morning before I woke up, and I got to see his next two matches, clapping and cheering through my computer screen. Around lunchtime, for his gold medal match, a group of us gathered in Squaw Valley, as Connor and I have done nearly every day of the Games, to watch Jordan go for gold. And by the end, when it was clear Jordan had won, all we could do was smile, because all he had was gold.

And now Jordan’s a gold medalist. That same Jordan who we met our first day here. That same Jordan we’ve said hi to, and eaten with, and stayed on complex with. That Jordan. That Jordan’s golden.

Congrats, Jordan! We couldn’t be prouder!


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