The Team Behind the Team Watches the Team

About fifty USOC employees at headquarters gathered to watch the US women’s soccer team beat Japan in the gold medal final this afternoon.

So they call us the Team Behind the Team. But yesterday, we were the Team in Front of the Television Staring at the Team Play in the Gold Medal Final. A few days ago, when the U.S. women’s soccer team was playing Canada for a trip to the gold medal match, Connor and I were camped out in Squaw Valley, per usual. And little by little, people trickled in, eager to watch the game on the flat screen. With ten minutes left in the game, we received a company-wide email demanding people get to the nearest television to watch the last few minutes of the tight game. And so after we won, another email was soon sent out. There would be a pizza party on Thursday to watch the women’s team play for gold, in a rematch of the 2011 World Cup against Japan. Team USA gear required.

At 12:40, we headed up to the 6th floor, and over fifty employees had gathered in Team USA jackets, shirts, and gear to cheer on Team USA. Pizza was ordered and we sat around, cheering as Carli Lloyd put two goals in net. It was an awesome experience. We don’t miss a single moment of the Games. But sometimes, it’s a nice change of pace to remember how invested we are in this outcome. I’ve never met a single one of the women’s soccer players representing us, they didn’t stay at the OTC, but they wear Team USA, so we were eager to cheer them on. When the gold medal was ours, screams resounded up and down the halls, elated that long-awaited gold medal was ours.

After the game, we came back downstairs to split-screen the first NFL preseason games of the season. I was determined not to miss my Birds play the Steelers, and Connor’s Packers played the Chargers. While Connor was thoroughly unimpressed with the choruses of “Fly, Eagles, Fly!” that played after the touchdown, it was still so much fun to watch football for the first time this season, and take a break from watching the Games.

Definitely a great day at Team USA!


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