We’re Finally Tenners

Jordan, Connor, and I finished our tenth 5K and finally got our Jack Quinn’s t-shirts in Colorado Springs on Tuesday night.

We did it. Ten 5Ks. Or, as Connor and Jordan so aptly put it, exactly one 50K race-walk. But we did it. We’re official members of the Jack Quinn’s Running Club.

After ten weeks of running a 5K every Tuesday, we finally earned our Jack Quinn’s shirts on Tuesday night. While it would usually have been a normal Tuesday run, my family was still in town visiting, so my brother, sister, and brother’s friend ran the 5K with Connor, Jordan, and I, which was a nice diversion from the normal.

When the six of us had completed the run, we met my parents back at the bar, and went to the second floor to get our shirts in the weekly ceremony. We definitely had the biggest cheering section that night, screaming for each other, so proud that we’d accomplished our goal from the beginning of the summer. Jordan just kept repeating that we’d finally done it, and Connor gave us fist bumps, as we each posed with our shirts. It was cool that my parents got to see the hype surrounding the runs in the Springs and that we finished our tenth run on the week they came to visit.

It was awesome to know that the three of us kept with the runs, and we have the shirts to prove that we kept each other going each week. While running a 5K each week was something I would have scoffed at this spring in Philly, I’m hoping now that it’s a habit I’ll be able to keep up with when I move back to the city at the end of the month.

I might not be athletic anymore (read: said uncoordinated individual might never have been truly athletic…), but at least I have a shirt to keep me motivated and remind me that when I lived in Colorado, I ran. A lot more than I thought I would. And I can do a 5k every week. And I did it, every week for ten weeks, with two of my closest friends in the Springs.

To the three newest members of the Jack Quinn’s Running Club, cheers!


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