Miracle at Mile High

The Broncos took the field in their first home preseason game of the season against the Seattle Seahawks.

No, not that Miracle at Mile High, but a Miracle at Mile High of our very own. Spontaneity is most definitely not my strong suit, but yesterday afternoon, taking the suggestion of a few fellow interns, within ten minutes, Connor and I had decided to make the drive up to Denver for Peyton Manning’s first game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High as a Denver Bronco. Never mind that it was a preseason game, 70,000 fans were eager to get a glimpse of the future Hall of Famer in action.

As we listened to the radio on the way up, I got the chills listening to how excited the fans, the announcers were for Peyton to take the field against the Seattle Seahawks. We pulled into the Pepsi Center and walked to Mile High across the street. With the game nearly sold out, we were lucky to get tickets (hence our very own Miracle at Mile High, of sorts), and made our way in to section 307 nearly half an hour before kick-off.  The orange and blue overwhelmed me as we saw the field for the first time, and I just kept thinking that this is where Elway played. This is where Tebow’s Miracle at Mile High took place. This is where Peyton took the field.

And this was where I’d watch my first NFL game. I know what you’re thinking. It’s preseason, and it shouldn’t count as my first NFL game. And normally, I’d agree with you. But when Peyton Manning plays his first game at home as a Denver Bronco, that totally counts. 70,000 people for a preseason game? That totally counts.

The atmosphere was electric as the Broncos came storming out of the tunnel, and you couldn’t help but cheer for the Broncos with Peyton at the helm. As a Birds fan, I was excited to see infamous ex-Eagle Terrell Owens, and Connor was excited to see the battle for the Seahawks #1 QB spot between former Packer Matt Flynn and former Wisconsin Badger Russell Wilson. While Georgia had a few notable players on the field, Connor flipped through the rosters, looking for Temple Owls. When I told him he’d be looking for a while, he soon found Wayne Tribue, a guard from Temple. Owls are everywhere! We had so much fun just cheering for a good, high-scoring game.

While most of the fans cleared out after Peyton finished out the first half, we stayed until the players shook hands, taking in every aspect of Mile High. The Broncos lost, 30-10, and, sure, the Eagles weren’t playing, and, sure, it wasn’t a regular-season NFL game. But I got to go to Mile High, I got to see Peyton Manning, and I couldn’t imagine having much more fun than we did at this game at any other NFL game.


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