Welcome Back to Temple

The free Wiz Khalifa concert at the Liacouras Center was definitely a great way to kick off the semester!

105 days.

That’s all I have left as a student at TU. 105 days. And I know they’re going to fly. Today I had my last first day of school, beginning the classes of my last semester at Temple U. In December, I’ll graduate with a degree in Journalism and while I’m sad my college days will be over, I know that the education I’ve garnered will have prepared me well for whatever waits. And I’ll forever be a Temple Owl.

So this is it. This is the beginning of the end.

After flying all day to get home from Colorado and from the Olympic Training Center, I met my parents at the airport, moved in my suitcases to my apartment, and met my friends for the annual Welcome Week concert. This year, Main Campus Program Board treated us to a free Wiz Khalifa concert at the Liacouras Center. While I wasn’t a huge Wiz fan, Connor and Jordan made sure to educate me back in Colorado, so I’d be prepared. While I missed having them there with me, the concert was a blast, and Temple definitely delivered.

Today was my first day of classes, and I began the fall semester at Temple University Center City, or TUCC, as we affectionately call it. The building’s at 1515 Market Street, so it’s a short, seven minute subway ride from Main Campus. My journalism capstone class, the Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab, PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods.com, is taught by Dr. Washington, who was my professor last fall in England, so it’s wonderful to have a familiar face and such a great professor at the helm. I was assigned to cover the Fairhill neighborhood of the city this semester, so I will be producing multimedia content for our website as a hyperlocal news reporter.

Later today was our first Owl Ambassador meeting of the year, and it was wonderful to see all my fellow tour guides after being away all summer. We reviewed our tour, took new headshots for our slideshow, added new fun facts about ourselves, and reviewed all the changes that had taken place over the summer.

It’s definitely going to be a busy semester, but I know 105 days will have come and gone before I know it, and I’m eagerly anticipating what that 106th day holds for me. But no matter what, no matter where I go, or where I work or live, I’ll always be proud to say,  just as we pledge at every school function, “I am a Temple Owl.”


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