First Tour of the Semester

Alyssa and I tag-teamed our first tour of the semester. Alyssa gave the 1810 Liacouras Walk stop to our group today.

If anything was ever like riding a bike, giving tour at Temple U certainly is.

Today was my first day back at work in the Owl Office after spending three months at Team USA in Colorado, and it certainly felt good to be back in the swing of things. My mom has always said that this is the job for me, and every time I give tour that’s reaffirmed.

While it’d been nearly four months since I’ve given a full tour, I had given one tour stop while in Colorado. Driving to work one day, Connor and I were talking about our school mascots. When he asked why Temple’s mascot was an Owl, I tried and failed to give a straightforward, easy answer, and instead jumped into “tour guide mode,” explaining Temple’s history and origins. I owed him big for sitting through that one. But at the end of it, he just laughed, and said, “Sar, you must be really good at your job. You probably tell the corniest jokes, but you’re probably really good at your job.”

And he’s right. All I could do was smile back, shrug, and say, “I love it.”

I love to talk about Temple, I love to change people’s minds about Temple, and I love to meet the future students of Temple. I get to brag about Diamond Leaders and studying in London and working at Golf Monthly and at Team USA and football games and basketball games and the dining hall and Beury Beach and the cherry and white and all the things I love about Temple.

And it’s my job. So when a parent comes up to me at the end of a tour, on my first day back, when I’m still trying to get back in the flow, and tells me how evident it is that I love my job, there’s no feeling that can top that while you’re in that red polo. None.


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