Visiting Student Health

At least my visit to Student Health ended with a really awesome Angry Birds band-aid!

I don’t do well with doctors. I’m not a fan of medicine. And so I definitely don’t like going to Student Health Services. Thankfully, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to Student Health in the past three years. But yesterday, I had to add another finger to the count. After visiting my doctor back home, I needed to get bloodwork done. But instead of driving all the way back up to Bucks County to get a simple test, I was able to walk right into Student Health and get it done there.

I wandered into the building in sweats and kicks around 9, sweating and trembling. I’m not four anymore; you can’t trick me. I knew what was coming. Needles. And probably ones the size of my face. Okay, so maybe they wouldn’t be the size of my face, but I was still nervous. I bounced up and down in the waiting room, texted Dom asking him to fly to Philly in the next three minutes to hold my hand, and nearly squeezed the life out of my poor iPhone. I always make doctor visits quite difficult, don’t I?

But as soon as I was called back, the nurses were smiling and laughing and joking, and definitely put me at ease. They made me talk and talk and talk and with one deep breath, before I knew it, my vials of blood were drawn, and an Angry Birds band-aid was placed on my arm. I smiled, knowing that, yes, I was a trooper, and very brave, indeed.

Student Health is one of those great assets on our campus. We have Temple Hospital doctors and nurses, a free self-care room that gives you any supplies you could possibly think of, an even an on-campus pharmacy. They’re definitely top-notch. And while I’m glad that I don’t visit them very often, when I need them, Student Health is definitely one of those things on campus I’m thankful for.


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