The Philly Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon

Meghan bit her 2012 Philly Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon medal like a true Olympian…and she even had her 2012 Team USA shirt on!

Despite my hard-earned membership in the Jack Quinn’s Running Club in Colorado Springs, I’m not quite ready to tackle my first half marathon. So instead, I was perfectly content to watch my athletic sister, who already ran the Broad Street Run last year, in her second Philadelphia Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon this morning.

As my parents and I walked to the starting line to find Meghan, I spotted several Team USA jerseys, and my mom said she had read that there would be an Olympian running. When she couldn’t remember the name, I quickly googled it and found that Dathan Ritzenhein, who ran the 10,000m in London, was here. After a full summer of watching Dathan and the other Team USA athletes compete, I was so excited to relive a piece of the competition and see Dathan race just one more time…and this time in my hometown!

After the race set off on the Ben Franklin Parkway near the Art Museum steps (to the Rocky soundtrack, appropriately enough), we moved to the five mile mark, on the east side of the Art Museum along Kelly Drive. There, I caught my first glimpse of Dathan, in a comfortable third place, and cheered him along. Meghan came past a while later, waving excitedly. We then moved to the bridge near the Art Museum steps, overlooking the course, and cheered all the runners on, even catching a glimpse of a Team GB jersey, too! So much love for the Games!

Meghan crossed the finish line at an impressive one hour, 37 minutes, ten minutes under her stretch goal time. When she commented on how many people were biting their medals like the Olympians do, I begged her to do it so I could grab pictures.

It was definitely an exciting way to start the morning, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. One of these days, I’ll get around to running far enough to run my own half marathon (or maybe we’ll just start with the ten-mile Broad Street Run…) but for now, I’m perfectly content to watch Meghan race. The Philadelphia Marathon in November, Sissy?


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