A Different Kind of Tour Guide

We had a picture-perfect day at PPL Park for the game against the Dynamo on Sunday, and the same gorgeous weather the day before at our annual Union blood drive.

On Saturday, the Union hosted their annual blood drive, and we had a great turnout. We gave out ingeniously-labeled scarves (reading “I Bleed for the U”…how appropriate!) and shirts to the donors, as well as showering them with food in the owner’s suite, and then taking them out on tour. I was super excited. I learned a new fact set about the stadium the week before, and was eager to show off my skills to the donors. It definitely wasn’t Main Campus, but it was still a lot of fun, leading the visitors around to the locker rooms, the suites, the decks, and finally walking on the pitch.

A lot of the donors were members of the Sons of Ben, our die-hard supporters’ group, and they knew a lot more about the stadium and the team than I did. But a lot of the donors had never been to the stadium before, so it was a unique opportunity to introduce them to our team and our venue. We also got to watch the Union and the Houston Dynamo practice on the pitch with the big matchup the next day. It was win or be mathematically eliminated from the postseason for the U, so I was sure to play close attention.

One of the best moments for me was one of my last tours of the day. I was showing around a dad and his eight-year-old son. The son had dressed up in his soccer gear, knowing he was coming to where the U played. Houston was practicing on the pitch and as we walked past their bench, their goalie walked over, introduced himself, and talked to the kid for a few minutes, which I thought was so humble and awesome. Little did I know, the next night, I’d have to interview the same goalie after Houston’s 3-1 loss to the U, so it was cool to have had the interaction.

Sure, my other job’s a tour guide at Temple, but it was cool to be another kind of tour guide for the day. Definitely an experience!


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