Spending the Day with Herbie

I was perhaps most excited to spend the day with my wonderful puppy dog, Herbert Muffin…who promptly stole my favorite armchair.

It’s not often I get to take a break this semester. So after the Union beat Houston on Sunday night, their first win since July, I drove back up 95 to spend the night at home and relax on Monday, with class cancelled.

After the (I’m ashamed to admit) disappointing discovery that the latest episode of Honey Boo Boo wasn’t on-demand and running a few errands, I took a walk through Tyler Park, enjoying a beautiful, albeit chilly, fall day. I hadn’t been able to walk through Tyler since before I moved to Colorado Springs, so it was nice to go back. The hills I once found inconvenient were now effortless after my Colorado hikes, and I laughed at the staircase of logs and ties, reminded of the 5,000 railroad ties that make up the Incline.

Afterwards, I got to play with my dog, Herbie, for the entire afternoon, and watch a few episodes of Friends. To my disappointment, my favorite episode, where Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes, mocking him, screaming, “Could I be wearing any more clothes?” in his best Chandler voice, wasn’t one of the three I watched.

And perhaps the best reward for driving all the way home…Nunny’s pulled pork sandwiches for dinner! Yum!


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