Spray-Chalking Campus for Temple Made Live

Kristin, Tom, and I got to spend the afternoon defacing campus to promote Temple Made Live, 7pm at the Bell Tower on Thursday. Yeah, we don’t really know what it’s about, either. Just be there.

Getting paid to deface school property? Yeah, that would definitely be a first.

Yesterday, while sitting in the Owl Ambassadors‘ office, Niki pulled Kristin, Tom, and I out, and told us we’d be going on a secret mission. We met Casey, an artist, who explained that, in an effort to promote Temple Made Live, we were going around campus and well, yeah, defacing school property.

She handed each of us templates and two cans of spray chalk, a substance like spray paint that dried like chalk.  We walked outside and starting spraying. After watching a documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, on street art and the famed artist, Banksy, over the summer, I was ready to tackle Niki’s challenge. Instead, I found I’m not really cut out to be the next Banksy. Defacing school property wasn’t really a good look for me in my Owl Ambassador parka, boots, and a dress.

We did, however, get stopped everywhere we went by students asking what the heck Temple Made Live was. Honestly, I don’t really know. I’ve heard lots of rumors, most notably that Aaron Carter’s coming (which, I’ve heard from my sources is most definitely not true…), and I’ve spread my wish that it’s One Direction (so I can of course melt into a shrieking 12-year-old…), but who knows! I’m pretty excited to find out what’s going on, though!

All I know is that we’re to meet at the Bell Tower at 7pm on Thursday. Free food and a DJ, confirmed. So be there, and find out what all this hype is about. I may not have a career in street art, but after my night class tomorrow, I’ll definitely be heading to the BT to see what all I spray-chalked is about!


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