Temple Made Live

Temple Made Live was the best way to spend a Thursday night, and I’ve rarely seen more school spirit from the Owls! Fight, fight, fight for the cherry and the white!

I feel bad for the kids trying to study in Paley Library on Thursday night.

I’m not one to brag or tell you why my school’s the best. But yeah, our school? Definitely cooler than your school. 

Word had gotten out all over the country that something was going down in North Philadelphia. Kevin Negandhi, SportsCenter anchor and Temple grad, tweeted, “Sounds like my school on North Broad is having a good time tonight.. #TempleMade” Yeah, Kevin, we definitely were.

Temple had decided to throw a huge launch party for its new re-branding campaign, Temple Made, and invited the whole student body to find out what it was all about. After my night class, Ray and I walked down 12th Street to find the Bell Tower and Beury Beach mobbed with people, more crowded than I’d ever seen it, music blasting. No one knew what to expect. Rumour had it that it was a pep rally for our first Big East football game on October 6th. Some people said Aaron Carter was coming. Others had seen projectors set up late at night. I convinced myself One Direction was performing. We stood in line, grabbing cherry and white themed foods (cherry and white chips, cherry churros, Temple tater tots, etc.) and then I attempted to find my friends in the sea of people.

At 8:30, the Bell Tower was the first to light up, transformed into a giant projection screen, shortly followed by the Bell Tower, which displayed students’ painted faces and student-submitted Instagrams from Temple life, using the hashtag #TempleMade. When was the last time your library looked as cool as this?

By the time I found Rachel, the party was in full swing, the DJs playing our favorite music as we danced and watched the screen reveal football and basketball highlights, academic life, the Diamond marching band, and other extracurriculars, cherry and white everywhere.

It was  so much fun and definitely brought out everyone’s school spirit. Everyone was wearing cherry and white and everyone was proud to be an Owl. I can’t wait to see what Temple Made has planned for us next! As the campaign says, we’re definitely SELF made, PHILLY made, TEMPLE made. GO OWLS!

You can watch the video of the madness here.


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