Homecoming Fever

Even Santa Claus is getting into the Homecoming spirit at the Welcome Center! We just really look for any excuse to pull him out…Go Owls!

Walking into the Welcome Center for tour, I’m usually greeted by the overwhelming presence of cherry and white. That’s expected. But when I walked in today to see handmade posters, pom-poms, and streamers? The level of cherry and white had definitely reached a whole new level. Yep, it’s Homecoming.

I missed Homecoming last year while living in London, and I’ll miss it this year because of a Union home game against New England, but I’m so excited for all festivities in the few days leading up to the big game. And this year, it’s an even bigger deal, because Homecoming is our first game in the Big East. And it’s huge. We’re playing South Florida, who knocked us out of the NCAA Tournament in March, so we’ve got a bit of a chip on our shoulders.

Around campus, the school’s holding an office decorating contest to see who’s got the most school spirit. Trust me, after you see these pictures, there’s no way you wouldn’t vote for Admissions. We’re looking to retain our winning title from last year, and I think we’ve definitely got a good shot.

There’s also the one-ton Temple ‘][‘ cake tomorrow (you think I’m kidding…), the caf jam in the dining hall, the Homecoming Court, the pep rally on Friday, the big game on Saturday, the Big Sean and Pusha T concert on Saturday night, and the run on Sunday. After Temple Made Live on Thursday, everyone’s really revved up for this week, and I can’t wait to see all the festivities!

But seriously, don’t you love our office? I mean, who else puts out Santa Claus and dresses him in Temple gear? Santa’s got some Owl-swag going on at the Welcome Center!


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