Gearing Up for the Election

I’ve sent in my absentee ballot application and I’m excited to vote in early November!

I don’t live all that far from my parents’ house, from where I’m registered to vote. But it’s not easy enough to drive home on a Tuesday afternoon when I have work at the Union, class, then tour, just to vote. So I had a few options. I could re-register to vote in Philadelphia County or I could apply for an absentee ballot.

Thankfully, Temple Student Government has been a huge advocate out on campus, educating Owls on how to vote, not who to vote for. It’s especially helpful on a college campus where most people are not from Philadelphia County. A lot of my classmates chose to re-register in Philadelphia, but I decided to send for an absentee ballot. It was an easy process. After printing out the absentee ballot from the county website, I mailed it in, and after resubmitting it when I forgot to add my driver’s license number, my ballot should arrive at my apartment very shortly.

I still don’t know who I’m going to vote for in my first election, and I’ll definitely be tuning into the debates and reading up on the candidates to make the best decision, but, most importantly, I’ll get to vote, so I’m very excited. It’s a huge decision that I’ll really have to weigh, but I’m excited to make it.

It’ll be a huge milestone for me in November, and I cannot wait!

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