LeaderShape Reunion Lunch

Our LeaderShape family (Aisha, Shane, myself, Kimmy, Dion, Morgan, and Louisa) reunited for the first time since May this afternoon to discuss our vision work since the conference.

This May, I was fortunate enough to be selected to attend the LeaderShape Institute, an intensive, six-day, national leadership conference with about fifty other Temple students. We all became so close, and I learned a lot about myself and leadership in those chaotic days, before leaving to spend the summer in Colorado with Team USA.

A lot’s happened since May. A lot’s happened since I left the LeaderShape Institute. And while I’ve had the summer of my life, I also got to expand my horizons with my vision work I started in May, and I couldn’t wait to share those revelations with my LeaderShape family cluster group.

I was so excited walking into the HEART office to see Kimmy, my mentor, whom I visit often. After picking up the pizza and making a quick stop to 7-Eleven for drinks, we returned to the office and caught up on life before the other members of our family group arrived.

As each member arrived, we all gave big hugs before chowing down on pizza, and updating each other on our summers and our semester so far. Finally, we sat down for a serious discussion, updating our vision work.

My vision, started in May, detailed a plan to promote cultural interaction through sport, globally. After working at Team USA this summer, I really saw the Olympic Games put that into action, which was so phenomenal. I also told my family how watching athletes like Oscar Pistorius, who competed in the Games and then the Paralympic Games, brought entirely new audiences to sport. I’ve simply realized that there’s definitely more than one way to execute my vision.

For today, though, it was just great to be able to spend some quality time with my fellow LeaderShapers and reconnect after a long summer away! Missed you, LPTC!


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