Free Food Fun Fridays: Temple Olympics

I was so excited for the Temple Olympics-themed Free Food Fun Friday last night in the Student Center.

I’ve probably never been more excited for a Free Food Fun Friday than I was for last night’s. Walking through the Student Center on Thursday afternoon, I saw the poster in the Atrium, and immediately texted Connor and Dom, laughing about the use of the Olympic rings.

With my usual FFFF buddy, Rachel, going home for the weekend, I recruited my sister to come along. Considering my internship this summer with the US Olympic Committee, I was quite excited to see what they had in store. I knew it couldn’t live up to the experience I had living at the Olympic Training Center or working during the London Games and my two best friends wouldn’t be there, but it would still be as close as I’ve gotten in recent weeks.

After watching three episodes of my one of my favorite shows, Friday Night Lights, on ESPN Classic, Meghan and showed up at the Student Center at 10pm on the dot, grabbed our food, and enjoyed taking part in all the Olympic-themed activities! There was even a projection screen showing highlights of the Fierce Five. When Meghan pointed out that it was the girls during the Games, I was quick to correct her that the venue and uniforms were clearly from Olympic Trials, proving my Olympic-nerd status, tenfold.

With our Open House in Admissions very early the next morning, I knew I had to make it an early night, and didn’t stay too long.  But it was definitely an awesome FFFF and I can’t wait to see what the next theme is! Go Team USA!


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