Birthday Cheesesteaks

I ordered the classic Philly cheesesteak. Authentic and delicious.

I usually only get two questions from prospective families when I finish giving a tour. One: How do I get back to the Liacouras Center parking garage? And two: Where can I get the best cheesesteak in the city? I tell people to avoid Pat’s and Geno’s, the two famous rival eateries in South Philadelphia and tell them to go to Jim’s at 4th and South for the best cheesesteaks. But it’s subjective. As long as you’re in the city limits, that’s authentic enough for me.

When my mom texted me that we were going to go to Chubby’s in Roxborough section of the city for cheesesteaks for my dad’s birthday dinner, I was excited. I’ll never pass up a cheesesteak. But Chubby’s? No, not Fatty’s in Breckenridge. No, not the same Chubby’s from Boy Meets World, which is set in Philadelphia. Not Pat’s or Geno’s or Tony Luke’s or even Jim’s on South Street. Chubby’s. I’d never heard of it.

So my parents and brother picked my sister and I up from my apartment and we drove through Manayunk to the Roxborough neighborhood. After a devastating Eagles loss to the Lions, I was ready to celebrate with my dad. We all ordered different types of cheesesteaks and caught up, joking around, which was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun to see my parents and my siblings and get to take a few hours off to relax. Maybe the cheesesteaks weren’t the best I’ve ever had, but they were still pretty good, and I had a blast.

Happy Birthday, Patri!


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