Halloweekend at Home

Since I’d miss Halloween at home, me, Herbie, and Jeremy took our own Halloween picture. We had to be Team USA Olympians, of course. There was no other choice!

This wasn’t the Halloweekend I envisioned.

I was supposed to come home after the Union game, relax, watch the Birds play, relax, go to the dentist on Monday, relax, and then go back to school Monday night. But Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm, had other plans, putting her target right on the city of Philadelphia. While I found it cool that the same storm was hitting Connor and I, simultaneously, 800mi apart, Dom was unaware of its existence until we clued him in.

I wasn’t taking the storm seriously. I’d ridden out snowstorms and hurricanes before. But after texts from Connor and Dom implored me to not get swept away and to stay safe, Temple cancelling classes, and my mother’s demands that I return to school by Sunday afternoon, I knew it was getting bad. Temple cancelled classes once in the three years I’ve been here and only because we had 27″ of ice and snow. Before that, the last cancelled class was during the Blizzard of ’92. They weren’t kidding around with Frankenstorm.

I went home anyway, and after watching Ethel, an HBO documentary about Ethel Kennedy, with my mom Saturday night, we went out Sunday morning and ran errands, stocking up on food. We also made a stop at DSW, where it seemed the hot item was, of course, Wellies. The best part about having Wellies with holes in them with an impending hurricane and procrastinating getting new ones for the past month? Mommy got me new Wellies. Which means I can now throw away my worn-out grandma galoshes, as Dom calls them, and have nice, dry feet during the Frankenstorm.

We then returned home in time for the Eagles-Falcons game…and for Jeremy and I to play dress-up with the dog for Halloween. Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday and I wouldn’t be able to celebrate, I decided we would be Team USA Olympians. Herbie hated the gold medal and Jeremy humored me, it turned out to be a pretty awesome picture. For the Eagles game, I even broke out the Donovan McNabb jersey I’ve owned for a decade for a little bit of luck. But I should have known better. That jersey didn’t bring any luck in the five NFC Championship Games we’ve played in or Super Bowl XXXIX, and nothing changed today.

After the game, I drove back to school and dropped off groceries for my sister, carrying in a whole truckload myself. I then ran over to Paley Library, grabbed a few books before it closed at 9 tonight, and I’m hunkering down until Wednesday morning. I’ll be getting ahead on a little homework, doing a little light reading, watching a few movies, eating a lot of Mom’s leftovers, and staying cozy in my Flyers snuggie.

Bring it on, Frankenstorm! North Philly’s Temple TUFF.


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