Minding Frankenstorm

During the brunt of the storm on Monday morning, I could barely see the skyline from my window.

59 hours I was on lockdown. Fifty. Nine. I was going pretty stir-crazy by yesterday afternoon, watching Hurricane Sandy roll through the city of Philadelphia. Sunday, I came back to school and made a quick trip to Paley Library before it closed to grab some books. While I had fully intended to get ahead on some classwork, I knew that my favorite hobby, sitting in my snuggie with a good book on a rainy day, would ultimately prevail. The wind and rain had picked up and I knew I wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.

Monday was quiet, save for 90mph gusts bashing against my window, sounding like cracks of thunder. I stayed put, reading The Beckham Experiment, about David Beckham’s journey to the MLS and his first year in the league. I then watched The Day After Tomorrow, which seemed like an appropriate movie choice, considering the elements. I then did a little work for school before settling into Tim Tebow’s autobiography, Through My Eyes, during my dinner, chocolate chip pancakes.

The next morning, I woke up quite early, unable to sleep well. I finished Through My Eyes, and did a little more classwork before watching a few episodes of Boy Meets World. Thankfully, to break up the boredom, I was able to stream the Arsenal v. Reading match from England. After being down 4-0 in the first 20min of the game, I thought for sure that was it for my Gunners. But I didn’t turn it off. What else was I going to do? Watch another episode of Long Island Medium? So I stuck with it. And boy, am I glad I did. The Gunners rallied to tie the game at 4 and send it into extra time, where we prevailed, 7-5.

Through the entire storm, I had Dom sending check-up texts, Connor messaging corny jokes, and Courtney texting well wishes. It was great to know we were in the thoughts of everyone around the country. Philadelphia escaped relatively unscathed. A building a few blocks from me collapsed Monday night during the thick of the storm, the pizza shop next door to me had its awnings blown to pieces, and we had lots of downed wires and trees. But, thankfully, nothing like the devastation in New Jersey and in New York City.

My parents out in the suburbs still don’t have power, but Temple did a great job of keeping the power on, keeping us safe, and keeping campus clear. While I was glad to have the two days off, I’m glad there wasn’t too much damage and we’re able to pretty much get back to normal today.


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