Saturday at the TECH

While editing my video project for MURL, I made sure to run GameTracker for Dom’s Senior Day game for Colorado Mesa and Connor’s Georgia Dawgs in their homecoming game on CBS.

I’ve always professed that TECH TV is the greatest invention ever. And it’s saved my academic butt from procrastination on a number of occasions. I never have an excuse to not go to the TECH Center and do my work, simply to stay home and watch something unmissable on television. With thirteen live-streaming cable channels, right on my dual-screen Mac at the TECH, I never miss anything.

Two weeks ago, I caught the presidential debate when I needed to transfer files. Last March, I refused to miss a March Madness game. And with Dom playing in his Senior Day game for Colorado Mesa and Connor’s Georgia Bulldogs on CBS against Ole Miss and an individual feature video for MURL that needed to be edited at some point this weekend, I had some choices.

After Temple’s loss to #10 Louisville, I trekked to the TECH and didn’t have to choose. With two huge Mac monitors, I could get all my work done in Final Cut Pro and still follow the games. While I might neglect my work for a moment and scare the others by doing a fist pump or gasping when I see “D. Lewis” pop up on the stat sheet or watch Aaron Murray air out the ball for a s Dawgs TD, it’s all getting done, which I’m thrilled about. There will be no Sunday outing to Club TECH for me tomorrow!

My project is a feature on Jon Hopkins and PhillyEarth, a great organization in Kensington and Fairhill that provides after-school programs focusing on sustainability to underprivileged students. I spent the afternoon with them last Monday, and was so excited to showcase the group for our site. You can watch my feature video here.

And in case you were wondering how those games turned out… Dom played his best game of the season with the D-Line and I couldn’t have been prouder of my best friend on his Senior Day. One last game next week for the Mavs! Connor’s Dawgs beat Ole Miss and, with one more win, will play in the SEC Championship!


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