Election Night in America

Mayor Nutter stopped by Temple’s campus to encourage students to vote for President Obama and posed for a photo with Temple’s Student Government.

11:18pm ET- CNN projects President Obama wins reelection.

11:43pm ET- Text from Dom: “You can sleep!!!”

Election Day, for me, was kind of a letdown. Voting absentee took out all the fun out of the big day of democracy. I didn’t get to push any buttons, or stand in a long line, and I definitely didn’t get a fun little sticker telling anyone I encountered that I completed my civic duty. Goal for next year: convince Bucks County to send “I Voted…Before You Did!” stickers with absentee ballots. But I was still excited to watch everyone else participate, stand by as my social media was bombarded, and then follow all the coverage through the night.

I wasn’t expecting them to call the election last night. I thought it would be too close. So I climbed into bed around 9 and watched the coverage as state by state, vote by vote, President Obama pulled ahead, and CNN lit up the Empire State Building’s spire bit by bit. And at 10:45, I received a text from Dom, teasing me about how mad late it was on the east coast, in disbelief that it was almost 11 and I was still awake. And 11:43, the text came that I could call it quits, and fall asleep for the night. I made it until 12:15am or so, waiting and waiting for the speeches, and later found out that it would be 1:30am before Governor Romney spoke and past 2am before the President took the stage. When I woke up this morning and read Dom’s tweet from the night before, pleading the President to speak so he could sleep out in Colorado, I knew there was no way I would have made it.

It was awesome to see all the passion around campus yesterday and in the days leading up to the election. Temple Student Government was out in full force yesterday, not advocating on behalf of one party or the other, but ensuring that students knew their polling places and felt the need to vote. I was so impressed by the open dialogue; even in the Owl Office the opinions were diverse, but respectful, and everyone, regardless of vision for the country, was passionate about the matter.

Meanwhile, I was just excited to have sent in my first presidential vote via absentee. Until I realized that my younger brother (a senior in high school) and my sister (a sophomore at TU) could vote in their first presidential elections, too. So a little rotten…no individual moment, no sticker, and no fun buttons to push. Such a great first presidential election to be a part of!


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