Soccer at St. Joe’s

Meghan and the rest of the Owls warm up at Finnesey Field on the campus of St. Joe’s.

It wasn’t the ideal temperature to spend a Sunday night outside at a frigid 32 degrees. But still, I bundled up, threw on my earmuffs, gloves, scarves, boots, coat, and blankets, and drove out to St. Joe’s University to watch the Owls take on the Hawks. I’ve watched my sister play soccer since she could walk, and it’s the only sport she played until high school, so I’d seen plenty of her games over the years. But Sunday was the first time I’d be watching her in an Owls uniform, something I was really excited for.

Meghan was recruited by many different schools to play Division I soccer. But after deciding to major in architecture, a demanding course of study, to say the least, she decided to forgo DI soccer and play club to focus on her studies. She travels all over the tri-state area playing other local colleges, which keeps her in the game without the huge commitment.

I, on the other hand, was considered a superstar in Temple’s Athletics Department. Such a superstar, in fact, that the only Owls uniform I ever put on was when I bravely took up the torch and played for Temple’s intramural floor hockey team last season. And promptly tripped over my own feet and was mercy-ed out every single game. Look, there’s a reason I only write about sports these days, people.

It definitely wasn’t your usual TU-Joe’s matchup. No funerals for the Hawk, or “I Believe the Hawk is Dead” chants. No mocking our state school status, or famous (or infamous…) Big Five rollouts. But after I missed her freshman season while living in London, I was excited to see her play. The Hawks drew first blood in the opening minutes of the game, and while TU held possession for most of the rest of the game, the Owls were never able to score, and the game ended at 1-0.

Meghan’s next game is at home on Sunday, so I’m very excited to watch another game! Go Owls!


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