Last Lap at the Linc

Rachel and I, enjoying my last Owls game as a student at the Linc this afternoon.

It’s starting to end. Slowly, but it’s coming. There’s 33 days left until the semester officially ends. And the goodbyes have begun.

Today was the first of a lot of them. Today was my last game as a student at Lincoln Financial Field. It isn’t always easy being a Temple football fan. We don’t make incredible plays, we don’t pack the Linc, and we don’t win a whole lot of games. But I love these Owls, nonetheless.

And sitting in the seats I’ve had for the past four years, I remembered the first game I ever went to. We played Villanova for the very first Mayor’s Cup. And the seniors sat there, well before the game, and taught us all the cheers. There were so many, I thought I’d never remember them all. But sitting there today, they are now second-nature. I know them like the back of my hand. And I’m going to miss them.ย The first time I sang the school fight song that night four years ago will be just as memorable as the last. And while we didn’t win today, I’ll always remember standing at the Linc, singing, screaming, clapping–all for the Owls. I know I’ll be back. I know it won’t be my last Owls game. And I’ll always be an Owl for life. It’s just the end of a chapter; it’s just one more goodbye.

Meanwhile, my best friend, 1969mi away, had his last football game at Colorado Mesa today. And while my goodbye was a lot easier than his, today, we both said goodbye to the sport we love as college students. We didn’t go to big football schools, but football was a big part of our school experiences, regardless.

With impeccable timing, the Owls will play their first home basketball game of the season (s’about time!) against Rice on Saturday night. Saying goodbye to the Liacouras Center…well…we’ll deal with that in March. Losing college basketball is a whole ‘nother battle.


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