The Texans are coming, the Texans are coming

Jacob and I visited the Liberty Bell during his brief visit to the City of Brotherly Love.

I moved around a lot when I was younger, and I’ve been blessed (most of the time) to live in a lot of different places. While it’s great to experience new places, it means that most of my closest friends live all over the country and are scattered to the winds. And while that’s tough most of the time, it makes for a great reunion when I finally get to catch up with them.

When I moved from Philadelphia to Houston, I attended intermediate school for a short year and a half. While there, I met Jacob, who quickly became one of my closest friends, as we bonded over both our families hailing from the Northeast. Basically, he was the only person who thought I didn’t talk funny in a state where I thought everyone else talked funny. We’ve stayed in touch, despite many moves and many different experiences. He attends Texas A&M University and came up to Philadelphia this weekend for a Model UN conference in Center City.

I met up with Jake at Independence Mall with some of his classmates from the conference. They had already tried cheesesteaks, gone to Reading Terminal Market, walked to Penn’s Landing, and even tried Wawa hoagies. So I took them to the Liberty Bell–a must do–and then we walked around Center City for a few hours, shopping up and down Walnut Street. I even was able to teach his friends about the Curse of Billy Penn, which either they found really fascinating, or they were being really kind to my storytelling.

While our visit was short, it was so nice to see Jacob. He’s one of the few people who have known me that long, and it’s always nice to reminisce and catch-up. It couldn’t have come at a better time, either! Jake’s Aggies upset #1 Alabama tonight, too! The Aggies rolled over the Roll Tide! I’ll definitely miss Jacob, but it was so great to see him in Philly!


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