Global Temple Conference

I loved being able to talk with fellow Temple students, faculty, and staff about my leadership abroad experiences in London with other Diamond Leaders.

A few weeks ago, I was excited to receive an email from Lauren Bullock, the director of the Office of Leadership Development, inviting me to speak on a panel about global leadership through my experiences abroad. I was so honored to have the opportunity to share my experiences with Temple students, staff, faculty, and professionals.

Today, I walked over to the Student Center and checked in, feeling super old. I used to attend these panels as a young student and now I’m the one speaking at them. We had over 30 students attend, along with professors and professionals. The panel was moderated by Lauren and even my study abroad director in the School of Media and Communication, Erin Palmer, attended.

The other Diamond Leaders on the panel had great stories to share. Billy Mantegna has studied in Rome and Germany, Nicole Goolsby has studied at Temple Rome, and Trish Swed was studying at Temple Japan in Tokyo when the earthquake and tsunami hit. I was able to talk about my time studying at Imperial College and the Foundation for International Education, touring LOCOG and its legacy within the community, and my incredible experience interning with Golf Monthly magazine.

I was so thankful to share my leadership experiences abroad with the Temple community and it was so awesome to see Temple students so engaged and interested in studying abroad. It was definitely one of the best parts of my college experience, and I can’t recommend it enough.


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