TUMBB: The Return

Anytime I get to watch TUMBB is a treat…even if it’s on my teensy iPhone in class. Go Owls!

Basketball is such a huge part of Temple culture. Our football team’s great and all, but basketball? There’s something really special about college hoops. And finally, it’s back.

While many teams had started on Friday night, Temple men’s basketball had a bit of a wait. The anticipation built as at midnight on Tuesday, ESPN launched its Tip-Off Marathon: twenty-four straight hours of college hoops. I started off the morning at the Union’s front office and the excitement was building. It was a bit like Christmas morning, and when Temple tweeted the link to ESPN’s stream, you know, just in case we were in class, I took the green light and ran with it. College basketball’s a big deal in this town.

With the magic of the WatchESPN app on my phone, I was able to stream the first game of the season against Kent State during my Magazine Editing class. Knowing the interests of my fellow mag students, I’m pretty sure no one in that class cared about the score of the game, but I’ve never missed a class in college and I can’t remember the last time I missed a game, so WatchESPN made sure I didn’t miss anything.

While it was awesome to watch the Owls yesterday, I can’t wait to see them in person, back at the Liacouras Center on Saturday night against Rice. All will be right in the world; the Owls will be back in the nest and college basketball will consume me for another season.

We’ve got some pretty awesome matchups this year, and I can’t wait. Before you know it, I’ll be back at the Liacouras Center singing “I Believe” at the top of my lungs, burying the Hawk, rolling out harsh posters, losing my voice, and pacing in the stands. And maybe, this year, we can win more than one game in the Big Dance. But we’ll get there. It’s a long season, and that’s totally okay with me.



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