Open House Finale

Going to miss these girls so very much!

I still don’t think it’s sunk in that Sunday was my last Open House. I’m not sure that it will.

After not sleeping the night before with a bad cold, I was pretty miserable at 6am Sunday morning. So I stopped at Dunkin to get a huge mug of hot chocolate and trudged to the Welcome Center. But the great part of being an Owl Ambassador is that no matter how terrible I felt, they’re always ready with laughs and smiles genuine enough to make me feel so much better.

We hustled over to the Liacouras Center to set up and then the 6500 registered visitors started coming to campus. The Philadelphia Marathon couldn’t deter our visitors to Main Campus, and there was a great showing. I then left to go to the Bell Tower to give tour, and after three tours, returned to the Welcome Center to eat a quick lunch before heading back out for more tours. I met two fantastic prospective journalism students who were eager to learn more about the program.

It was a great Open House, but after a drive home, I received a number of tweets and Instagram tags from my fellow Owl Ambassadors of pictures with us together captioned “Sarah’s last Open House!” or “Going to miss her!” and so many nice words. I can’t believe it was my last Open House, but I’ve made some amazing memories. It’s going to make saying goodbye in a few days even harder.


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