Sixers Game with the U

It was so much fun watching the Sixers and Jazz game with all the U interns…even if Dom and I were texting back and forth over our favorite teams playing each other the whole time!

I haven’t been to many Sixers games, but I was definitely looking forward to this one. After a full day of work, I ran back to campus, dropped off my car, changed into jeans, and headed down on the subway to the Wells Fargo Center to see the 76ers take on the Utah Jazz. I’d been excited for a while. Dom’s favorite team is the Jazz, and so I knew it would be exciting to see the matchup. I sent a message to Connor and Dom the day of to tell them how excited I was: “So the Sixers couldn’t get any Olympians from Philly to show up tonight, so Olympic Night at the Sixers is officially cancelled. At least I’m still going to see this absurdity Bynum has decided to call ‘hair’ in person…” Connor quickly responded, “Haha and the absurdity called the ‘Utah Jazz.'” Sure, the teams weren’t the best, but I was still excited to see some NBA action!

The Sixers sent tickets to the Union staff and so we weren’t about to turn them down. A bunch of us took the tickets and enjoyed our view from one of the club boxes. Personally, I was just excited to see Andrew Bynum’s Chia Pet hair, but seeing former Nova guard and current Jazz player Randy Foye wasn’t a bad consolation. The game was great and it was so much fun hanging out with the U staff and interns. Former Owl Lavoy Allen got some decent time on the court and when Foye drained a three, I’m pretty sure I was the only person in the building cheering.

Sometimes it’s hard being so far away from my best friends, but it’s little things–like going to see your best friend’s favorite team play your favorite team and knowing they’re watching the same game you are–that still put a smile on my face. It was a great night hanging with some of my friends from the U and the 76ers even got the win! It might not be the best time to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan right now, but the Sixers certainly didn’t disappoint on Friday night…and I even got to see Bynum’s Chia Pet hair in person!


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