Welcome Home, TUMBB

What an amazing group of Owl Ambassadors! Pratik, Ray, Tirzah, Tom, and I were so hype for the start of TUMBB! Go Owls!

Sure, I’d already been at the Liacouras Center once this week. And sure, I’d be back in eight hours or so for our last Open House. But there’s something special about college basketball, something special about watching the Owls in this building. And I couldn’t wait.

TUWBB took the court against Northeastern at 5pm, so I made sure I was in my seat for the first game of the doubleheader. With a sore throat and oncoming cold, I sat in my seat during the game, seldom using my voice to cheer. Around halftime, the Liacouras Center started to fill and the men’s game wouldn’t be far off. My sister and her friends and Tirzah, an Owl Ambassador, all joined me in time to see TUWBB pull out the win. As the men took the court, I got the chills, so ready to see my Owls in person.

I’ve seen them all before. I know half of them personally. I went to Cherry and White Night. I watched the first game on my iPhone. I know this team backwards and forwards. But there’s just something about watching them at home that gets me. College basketball, now, is officially back. After a killer intro video on our new scoreboard, the game tipped off, and, despite my cold, I didn’t stop screaming or standing the entire game.

The Owls played a good game, and while they kept Rice in the game after three separate double-digit leads, they should have overpowered the other Owls. The important point was that our Owls looked deep and strong and earned a 75-63 win, enough to take the “Battle of the Owls” and give the students free tacos. To be able to yell all the familiar cheers and to finally, finally be able to scream the words to “I Believe” make it all worth it. If you haven’t yet seen the “I Believe” from this latest win, check it out here.

TUMBB, welcome home. Go Owls!


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