TUMBB v. Delaware

I made sure to get back to Main Campus on Sunday in time to see the Owls take on the Delaware Blue Hens!

After a quiet, relaxing Thanksgiving break, my sister and I made our way back to Main Campus at 1pm. Usually, I’m the one to milk the most out of a weekend home. But I made sure that we were back on campus by 2. We had big plans. After all, TUMBB was back in action.

I sprinted into the Liacouras Center and made it with five minutes to the tip to see the Owls take on the Delaware Blue Hens. I hadn’t made plans with anyone to go, but Kevin and Joe, fellow Owl Ambassadors with their own Temple sports blog, were in the stands, and we had a blast together in the Wild Cherry section. It was a little emptier than usual, but the students really showed up and made their presence heard.

I was so excited for the Delaware game after watching Connor’s brother, Evan, a UVA freshman, play them in the NIT Tip-Off Tournament a week earlier. While Connor was cheering against the Owls on Sunday to help UVA’s RPI, I had gotten a sneak peek at the Hens team we’d be facing during the Cavs game.

The Owls proved too much for the Blue Hens to handle, and while we let them hang around, still held a commanding presence over the game. I was just excited to see the Owls back in action — the perfect way to have some fun before the last few weeks of a tough semester. With the Owls frequently hitting the 75pt mark at home the past few seasons, earning the fans free tacos at Qdoba, they upped the ante to 80pts this season. With 79 points, Anthony Lee hit one last free throw to give us free tacos and the Owls the win, 80-75.

Best of all, we got to sing “I Believe” yet again. Go Owls!


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