Christmas Arrives in the Owl Office

I'm so in love with our cherry and white Christmas tree in the Owl Office!

I’m so in love with our cherry and white Christmas tree in the Owl Office!

After conducting an interview in Hunting Park for my last MURL project, I had a few minutes to kill before walking to Annenberg Hall before my Magazine Editing class on Thursday. So I did what all the Owl Ambassadors end up doing; I walked into the Owl Office to say hi, eat some lunch, and catch up. Except that when I walked in, there were no Owls in the back office, no Adrianne in her office, and only Chris, our receptionist, at the front desk to greet me.

So as I put my bag back on and am about to make the ten-minute walk across campus, Chris asks me if I stopped in the presentation room yet. I had completely forgotten that our annual Owl Ambassador Christmas Decorating Party was in full swing, and all the Owls were in the presentation room, eating pizza, and preparing the decorations for the lobby.

Before long, I had eaten a slice of pizza and was roped into an unfortunate karaoke rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” in front of a digital yule log. We crafted beautiful paper snowflakes and decorated our cherry and white Christmas tree with cherry and white ornaments. I quickly ran out to attend my Magazine Editing class, but when I came back for my actual shift at 2pm, the gifts had been laid under the tree and the Owls were hard at work coloring a fireplace with stockings.

Of course, our infamous, highly controversial, versatile Admissions Santa Claus made a re-appearance after his Homecoming debut, and all the Owls’ hard work paid off! Our office looks gorgeous and is all decked out for the holiday season!


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