Magazine Editing Final

My final cover for my Magazine Editing class magazine on Big Five basketball in Philadelphia.

My final cover for my Magazine Editing class magazine on Big Five basketball in Philadelphia.

For my final in Magazine Editing this semester, we didn’t have to write a paper on what we’ve learned or take a huge test during finals week. Instead, we were given a much more exciting assignment; we had to develop our own magazine. Something new, something creative, something that hadn’t been done before. Our magazine would have to serve a niche market and be appealing to potential investors.

When Professor Tharps mentioned the final assignment on the first day of class, I knew instantly what I would do: a magazine about Big Five basketball in the city of Philadelphia. Most of my classmates, and even Professor Tharps, were confused. They weren’t sports people and didn’t know the Big Five.

The Big Five is legendary in Philadelphia. The five major college basketball teams in and around the city make up their own sub-league and play each other for the city championship. It’s one of the most storied rivalries in all of college basketball, and the rivalries the students take most seriously. And so I knew I would make my magazine about the basketball league I love so much.

It wasn’t easy. Not only did I have to design the cover and create story ideas, but I had to incorporate a mission statement, spread plan, advertising portfolio, and marketing and sponsorship strategies. It was a lot more involved than I ever could have imagined and more complex than I would have guessed on that first day of class.

But I loved having the opportunity to tie my passion into my final project; it certainly made the stress of finals a lot easier when you’re doing something you love!


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