Bienvenue à l’Union, Séba

Sébastien Le Toux made his triumphant return to the U yesterday morning at PPL Park.

Sébastien Le Toux made his triumphant return to the U Friday morning at PPL Park.

It might be the offseason at the U, but the front office is still buzzing. Expecting a normal, quiet day at the front office, I walked in, only to put down my things down and drive over to PPL Park. The day before, we had re-signed one of the fan favorites, Sébastien Le Toux, after we had traded him to New York Red Bulls the season before. The return of Le Toux was a huge event, and the press conference was going to be a big deal.

We arrived at the stadium, I was immediately set up with TweetDeck, ready to live-tweet the press conference. I was quite nervous–it would be the first time I’d live-tweeted anything–and so I texted Connor, the social media guru, for a pep talk. He said not to worry, adding in that Le Toux sounded French, so I should be just fine.

He was right. Once Hack, Nick Sakiewicz, and Séba walked in, all the worry went out the door and I was concentrated on grabbing the best quotes to post on our @PhilaUnion twitter feed. At one point, Séba even spoke to the fans in French, and I was quite excited that my French wasn’t so rusty that I was able to catch most of it.

After the press left, we were able to hang back while Séba filmed two promo spots encouraging fans to buy tickets, and it was great to be able to interact with him. While I don’t think I was successful in persuading my supervisor to create a Union Twitter account for our French fans, it was definitely exciting to be a part of one of the club’s most exciting press conferences.

I’m definitely looking forward to watching Le Toux take the pitch in March for the U! DOOP…Et bienvenue à l’Union, Séba!


One thought on “Bienvenue à l’Union, Séba

  1. Chris Asdourian says:

    I am not 100% percent on this but didn’t Le Toux get traded to Vancouver and from there was traded to the Red Bulls?

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