Coming Home

I thoroughly enjoyed the picture of me...hahaha!

I thoroughly enjoyed the picture of me from Quandary Peak that my siblings had altered for my graduation.

It wasn’t the welcome home I was expecting, that’s for sure. I expected the “clean your room” and “do this” and “do that” that usually accompany my trips home. Yeah, mostly “clean your room.” I get that a lot around here. What I wasn’t expecting was the celebration my family had planned. I’m a December grad. So it doesn’t really feel like graduation. None of my other friends are graduating (except for Connor…and considering he was done his Master’s in August, I’ve considered him a grad for months) and it’s not graduation season. It’s just me.

So when I walked in the door, my family had a cookie cake with “Congratulations, Sarah” on it and it even bore the famous Temple ‘][‘ on it. Meghan and Jeremy had made a sign with a hysterical picture of me on it. And balloons filled our kitchen. I’m not a birthday person, I’m not a celebration person, and, heck, even my high school graduation party was so much more my family birthday party than anything else. So I was definitely floored. Thank you, famfam.

Afterwards, we decorated our Christmas tree together, as we do most every year. I got to dig out my favorite Christmas ornaments (Harry Potter, a London red telephone booth, a Tastykake Krimpet, and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, most notably…) and hang them on the tree.

And when that was done, yeah, then I was forced to clean my room. It’s good to be home.

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