So, That’s It…

Rachel and Jorge came to say goodbye and help me load all my stuff into my car.

Rachel and Jorge came to say goodbye and help me load all my stuff into my car.

After finishing my last final in Sports Journalism and Society on Thursday night, Rachel came over to watch the atrocity that we Philadelphians call an “Eagles game.” And then began the demanding task of packing up my apartment. I only lived there for three months and half the time, it was still out of suitcases from Colorado. You wouldn’t think I could have brought so much stuff…

My mom came down in case everything couldn’t fit in my small car, and Rachel and Jorge came over to help carry everything out and say goodbye. It was a strange feeling, knowing I was done for winter break, but not coming back in January. I was relieved finals for over, but I don’t think it’s sunk in that those were my final finals ever.

I had one heck of a run at Temple. And earning a degree–that piece of paper that says I’m a good journalist–was the least of it. I worked as a tour guide, an orientation leader, and a peer teacher. I ate way too many cookies from the dining hall. I covered the A-10 Tournament for the newspaper. I became a Diamond Leader. I lived and worked in London. I traveled around Europe. I interned at Team USA. I hiked my first fourteener. I made some of the best friends I could ever have dreamed of. I lost my voice, more than once, singing “I Believe.” I stormed the court three times in three years (Nova in December ’09, Georgetown in December ’10, and Duke in January ’12, in case you were counting). I learned more about myself than I could have ever expected. And I came to love the school that four years ago, you couldn’t have even gotten me to visit. And I may still have a few tricks up my sleeve, yet.

So it’s time for this Owl to fly the coop. But once an Owl, always an Owl, and it’s definitely not goodbye. While I would say that after these three years of being #TempleMade that I bleed cherry, I’m afraid that’s not saying too much considering everyone does. But, mark my words, if our school colors were anything other than cherry and white, I’d bleed that, too.


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