Union Christmas Party

The fall interns had such a blast at the U Christmas party at PPL Park last night!

The fall interns had such a blast at the U Christmas party at PPL Park last night!

Pub quiz is kinda like my favorite game ever. As most people will tell you, I’m an encyclopedia of the most random, bizarre, meaningless facts you’ll never need to know. So pub quiz often works in my favor. But last year, at Golf Monthly’s Christmas party in London, my team was docked controversial points for not giving the correct second line to “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.'” Apparently, the second line in the British version differs in one word from the American one, and there went our chance at the pub quiz title…all at the fault of the American, of course.

This year, when the Union announced we’d be playing pub quiz at our Christmas party, I was prepared. And when the question came asking us to name Philadelphia’s first professional soccer team, I wrote Phillies with the utmost conviction. No, that’s not a typo. The Phillies really were Philly’s first pro soccer team! Despite the prowess of Interns Anonymous (our team name) and our ingenious theme of “We’re interns…do you really care what our theme is?”, we earned a controversial second-place finish.

The party was definitely a success and I had a blast with all the fellow interns and front office staff…and much less chaotic than our fete in London last year! It was a great last hurrah at the U and a great chance to say goodbye to front office staff and interns I’ve come to know so well!


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