Mary & KC’s Wedding

I rang in 2013 with my favorite cousins at Mary and KC's wedding! Happy New Year!

I rang in 2013 with my favorite cousins at Mary and KC’s wedding! Happy New Year!

It wasn’t going to be your typical New Year’s Eve, that’s for sure. With my cousin, Mary, preparing to ring in the new year by marrying her fiancé, KC, it was definitely going to be a New Year’s Eve to remember.

We arrived in Lancaster at the hotel to eat pizza before the ceremony, with my cousins, siblings, and I cracking jokes about how truly Pennsylvania the wedding would be, held at a quilt museum in Amish country. We then all met in the lobby shortly after to take a shuttle to the church. After a quick ceremony, we arrived at the Lancaster Quilt Museum, and we quickly took back all our jokes, seeing the beautiful venue. Mary and KC would host the last event at the venue before it closed the next day.

We signed ornaments for Mary and KC and then held cocktail hour before being ushered into the main space for dinner. After pasta and chicken, we started dancing into the new year. I taught my cousins and aunt how to Wobble and we had a blast watching everyone’s crazy dance moves.

My cousin, Monica, set to be Mary’s matron of honor, was forced to miss the festivities, staying in the hospital since she’s pregnant with quadruplets. While it was strange not having Mon around, no one let her miss a thing. Her husband, Bryan, came and we FaceTimed her so she could watch the whole ceremony and then passed around the iPhone for hours so everyone could say hi. We texted her goofy pictures of ourselves with our New Year’s hats on and it was awesome to include her in Mary’s day, even if she couldn’t be there in person.

The next morning, after brunch at my aunt and uncle’s house, we got to stop by the hospital to visit Monica, who looks fantastic. I was so happy to see her in person, tell her all about the wedding, hear how she and the babies are doing, and I know I’ll be back quite often to visit!

It was perfect being able to ring in 2013 with my family, even if I took some cracks from Dom and Connor for the picture of me in my festive tiara and glasses I sent to them after midnight. It was by far my best New Year’s Eve ever and I was so glad I got to share it with so many of my favorite people!

Congrats, Mary and KC!


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