Philly Basketball, Temple Made

Hey ESPN, THIS is my home court. Welcome to Big Five basketball.

Hey ESPN, THIS is my home court. Welcome to Big Five basketball at the Liacouras Center.

There are few games I look forward to more than Big Five games. Last Wednesday, the Temple Owls played the Penn Quakers in the first Big Five home contest of the years. It didn’t matter that Penn only had three wins on the season. It’s a Big Five game, and anything could happen.

The Big Five is legendary in Philadelphia. It’s more important than the Big East, than the Atlantic 10, than the Ivy League. The five prominent colleges in the city–Temple, Villanova, St. Joe’s, Penn, and La Salle–play each other in a round-robin format throughout the season with the winner garnering bragging rights for the whole city. I love the Big Five so much, I made my final magazine editing project entirely about the competition. These are my favorite games.

After spending the day on campus, I was excited to meet Rachel, Jeff, and Tirzah at the Liacouras Center. It’s not the same watching TUMBB at home on television, so I was excited to see my friends, get back down to North Philly, and sing “I Believe” with all my Owls. Plus, I couldn’t wait to wear my most appropriate Temple Made shirt!

One of my favorite traditions in Big Five contests is the rollout posters. The student section makes five posters making fun of the other school. In the Wild Cherry section, it usually includes making fun of the other schools for paying outrageous tuition prices compared to our state school price, and how that price generally can’t buy athleticism. Each student section is incredibly knowledgeable and it always so much to read the tweets, spelling out what the poster we passed down the rows read. This was the first Big Five game in years that I wasn’t sitting in the student section for, but it was still an incredibly fun game.

We honored Al Shrier at halftime, Temple’s sports information director who has worked at the university for 60 years. It was an exciting moment and definitely enhanced the motivation to beat Penn. The Owls escaped with a win against the Quakers, and I had a blast spending the night with some of my favorite Owls.

Go Owls!


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